No matter what smartphone applications and services your customers use, first and foremost, they expect to be able to make phone calls.  Your business depends upon being able to deliver on the high-expectations your customers have for voice service.  With the increasing volume of IP-traffic traversing your network, consistent delivery of high-quality voice becomes a real challenge.  The most common issues – dropped calls, dropped packets, jitter, one-way audio and latency – all can ruin a customer’s experience, which can adversely affect your brand reputation and most importantly – your revenue.

Quality VoIP service is a competitive differentiator

Adding VoIP to your portfolio allows you to enhance your commercial offering with IP-based voice features that add value to both data and video.  It also gives you the ability to compete with over-the-top (OTT) providers who cannot guarantee quality of service (QoS).  After all, with voice service, quality is the key differentiator most likely noticed by customers.  Delivering flawless VoIP call quality demands that you manage the customer experience in real-time, which requires complete visibility to the traffic flowing over your IP-network.    

VoIP assurance that keeps you from flying blind

VoIP service lies at the heart of business communications, which is why call quality must be consistent and protected. NETSCOUT’s VoIP assurance solution allows you to proactively monitor your VoIP service – with the visibility needed to ensure the highest levels of performance.  Our best-in-class solution pinpoints the source of issues caused by packet jitter, latency and loss, and delivers a single, end-to-end, correlated view of call flow, regardless of media path complexity. NETSCOUT’s VoIP assurance solution allows you to spend less time and money troubleshooting VoIP issues and more time delighting your customers.  We support the largest number of simultaneous RTP streams in the marketplace, so we can grow with your business, now and into the future.

NETSCOUT’s VoIP assurance solution enables service providers to:

  • Decrease mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) by 60%
  • Have the end-to-end visibility needed to assure the highest levels of VoIP performance
  • Proactively detect and fix VoIP issues before customers are affected
  • Avoid costly and time consuming service interruptions
  • Closely monitor and report on SLA adherence

Service providers are under considerable pressure to ensure high-quality VoIP service. This complex topic couldn’t be fully covered on just a few Web pages. That’s why we invite you to read about how NETSCOUT helped a Central European customer save more than 100 man hours per week – a value equivalent to hiring three additional team members.  Read the case study here

What is VoIP Monitoring?

Voice over IP Monitors include end-to-end measurements at key network locations to give a full view of the overall call quality. Call quality is measured both as QoS - Quality of Service and QoE - Quality of Experience.

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Garantia de voz

Aumentar a lucratividade dos serviços VoIP e IMS.

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Provedor líder da Europa Central seleciona NETSCOUT para garantir desempenho e qualidade excepcionais na rede de voz

Para monitorar e fornecer serviços de alta qualidade, as operações de voz queriam que uma solução escalável fosse usada em diversos países, uma solução eficiente que avaliasse consistentemente os mesmos indicadores.

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Priorizando a qualidade VoIP

Atenda as expectativas dos clientes com uma abordagem de resolução de problemas de mídia integrada

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