Digital Transformation – Impact and Opportunities

Digitization is having a massive impact on every industry around the world. Companies that were not born digital are transforming to become digital, so that they can fundamentally change how they operate and deliver value to customers and compete more effectively.

For communication service providers, digital transformation's major enablers and drivers means they are dealing with ever greater levels of interconnectivity and service inter-dependencies. Correlating smart data with metrics about service delivery, operations and business, and static and other data creates many new possibilities.

Resumos Técnicos: Provides the Missing Link for Operators' Digital Transformation

Smart data is the missing link between where service providers are on their digital transformation journey:

  • Enables real-time target marketing intelligence
  • Measures new products and services based on many parameters so operators can optimize their performance
  • Identifies and blocks a Distributed Denial of Service attack in real-time
  • Supports the design of a new generation of services

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