Our InfiniStreamNG (ISNG) appliance technology brings borderless enterprise visibility needed to manage business services wherever they reside – data center, cloud, virtual, and co-lo environments.


Eliminate visibility gaps

Comprehensive view of real-time traffic across the enterprise

Patented ASI smart data

Provides context for service delivery, security, and business performance

Deployment options

Software and Hardware appliance options for any deployment scenario, integration with vSTREAM for expanded cloud, virtual visibility

Pervasive Smart Data source for NETSCOUT network, application, UC, business, and cybersecurity analytics

With ISNG software and hardware appliances, enterprises realize superior user experience, while also ensuring success of their digital transformation projects.

ISNG Rack Unit
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  • O poder dos dados inteligentes / smart data

    Generates smart data needed for successful digital transformation initiatives, including hybrid cloud, UC&C, wired/wireless/virtual networks, and digital application rollouts, as well as workload migration efforts.

  • Implementation Agnostic

    Appliance models suitable today’s next-generation networks and any environment, including enterprise, commercial, government deployments.

  • Agent-less, non-intrusive technology

    Provides high-resolution, real-time visibility into packet data, automatically identifying thousands of protocols and applications

  • Extended data retention for compliance, cybersecurity requirements

    Hardware and Certified Software appliances offer optional extended storage units

O poder dos dados inteligentes / smart data
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Implementation Agnostic
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Agent-less, non-intrusive technology
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ISNG Three Rack Unit
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ISNG Appliance Models

ISNG software and hardware appliance options provide industry-best flexibility for strategic deployment throughout enterprise, government, and commercial networks.